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Aerospace Autoclave

Aerospace Autoclave for Thermal Treatment of Composite Materials.

Composite Autoclave

Complete autoclave systems and ovens with processing controls for thermal treatment of composite materials.

Glass Laminating Autoclave

XIRTUE develops complete autoclave systems for the production of laminated safety glass.

Autoclave Management and Control Systems

Xirtue Composite Technology

We accept this order!

A pool of specialists draws up the construction plan based on technical calculations. To ensure a trouble-free flow in the production process every single component must be considered in the construction plan. This not only applies to the hardware, thus the vessel, but also to the software up to every detail of the electronic controls. Based on this compiled construction plan we are able to present our customer with a precise quotation and accept the order.

As one of the world’s leading companies for the production of autoclaves and units there is practically no order we won’t accept. We treat every enquiry with great assiduity. We discuss all requirements.

About Us

XIRTUE was established by a group of  young but experienced specialists in composites technology.

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