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Welcome to Xirtue

We Xirtue was established by a group of  young but experienced specialists in composites technology. The network of contacts, the technical and technological skills, the strong innovation component  and the partners enthusiasm , are the fundamental tools that have led XIRTUE to be, today, strong with a team of Experienced & Young, motivated and highly competent people.

In its young history, the company growing steadily, acquiring prestigious clients and commissions, while expanding its capabilities. Keeping a farsighted vision and promoting technological innovation, Xirtue has distinguished itself for offering the highest quality products and services.

A pool of specialists draws up the construction plan based on technical calculations. To ensure a trouble-free flow in the production process every single component must be considered in the construction plan. This not only applies to the hardware, thus the vessel, but also to the software up to every detail of the electronic controls. Based on this compiled construction plan we are able to present our customer with a precise quotation and accept the order.



Custom Design Engineering services
XIRTUE has expert team with rich experience more than 40 years in electrical, mechanical, controls, and software development. If you have a custom concept that you need engineered, we will have the resources available.


New machinery – concept to build
XIRTUE can develop new and custom autoclaves and ovens from the ground up. Just let us know what you want it to do.

Control System

Critical Process Control
Xirtue Control System (XCS) is one of the most prestigious software systems on an international level in demanding sectors such as aeronautical and aerospace industries and continues to be used in the facilities of the leading engineering companies worldwide.

Quick Closing Doors for Pressure Vessels

Quick Closing Doors is a standard and custom product. Hence, we take the greatest effort to fulfil all our customers’ requirements.

Quick Closing Doors: calculation, construction and fabrication of Quick Closing Doors for pressure vessels

Components: Quick Closing Doors equipped with all necessary safety devices according to the predefined pressure vessel guidelines and possible specifications

Fabrication Standard: Construction and fabrication according to all European and international regulations


We Hear You, We’re Here for you.

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