Autoclave Control System

Autoclave Management and Control System


  • Fully integrated logic, control and data acquisition hardware.
  • Hot-Swap modules for increased uptime.
  • Optional fully redundant processors, power supplies and networking.
  • Integrated HMI for maintenance and troubleshooting. Includes backup to key PC functions and data recording.
  • Simple addition of further modules for additional thermocouples or vacuums in future.
  • Completely independent over-temperature and over-pressure controllers with manual reset together with managed emergency stopping functions.


  • Multi-zone control available for ovens, presses and circumferential autoclaves.
  • Unlimited cure profiles of up to 20 segments.
  • Up to four fully profiled vacuum headers and unlimited additional headers.
  • Thermal Head control with dynamic boost on new ramps.
  • Intelligent control of fans and pumps to reduce energy usage.
  • Guaranteed soak on all part thermocouples (max 200 TCs) with maximum dwell times also programmable.
  • Spread hold on all or individual parts.


  • Operator friendly SCADA based software package for monitor and control of all system functions (with per user access control).
  • Full event logging of user and process actions.
  • Rate of change calculation and deviation alarming for all part TCs.
  • Full integration of switchgear for accurate alarm and fault diagnosis.
  • Fully digital data management for compliance with NADCAP etc.
  • Secure, encrypted data records.
  • Optional Database integration for SQL, Access or other ODBC target.
  • Remote access and control for both PLC hardware and PC software for fast problem resolution.
  • Remote viewing of current status from networked PCs.

Historical Records:

  • Printouts of load information and charts for individual parts or complete loads.
  • Optional database integration provides querying of historical records for specific part numbers, profiles, operators etc.
  • Export of data to standard .csv (text) files for detailed analysis of thermal surveys etc or transmission to customers.
  • Optional standalone historical file viewer for customers / QA dept / Lab analysis of cures.

Other Benefits:

  • System developed, installed and maintained by autoclave system specialists with over years combined experience in autoclave control systems.
  • One-off purchase with no ongoing licence costs.
  • Maintenance Contract customers benefit from free upgrades to the installed package.
  • Xirtue has a policy of continually improving products with new and innovative solutions to real end-user problems.

What sort of autoclaves do Xirtue Autoclave Control Systems monitor and control?

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