Advantages of Prepregs

  • “There are several advantages to using a prepreg rather than using traditional hand layup…
  • Maximum strength properties. In a hand layup, it is difficult to achieve 50% resin content. This means that the finished laminate weight is 50% fabric and 50% resin. Typical hand laminates, even when vacuum bagged, end up with a significant amount of excess resin. Excess resin increases brittleness and reduces overall properties. On the other hand, most prepregs contain around 35% resin. This is ideal for maximum cured properties and generally impossible to achieve in normal hand lamination.
  • Part uniformity and repeatability. Without the pitfalls of human lamination techniques, there will be neither resin-rich areas nor dry spots. Thickness will be uniform and every part that comes out of the mold has a theoretical likelihood of being identical. There is still a margin for error in vacuum bagging techniques, handling, etc., but prepregs reduce these problems significantly.
  • Less mess and less waste. Prepregs will bleed excess resin during the curing process but all of the excesses of hand layup – cups of resin, messy rollers, drips – are no longer a problem. Plus Fibre Carbon prepregs are handled at room temperature so you are not fighting a clock trying to avoid your resin setting up before you are ready.
  • Less curing time. After the heat curing cycle is completed, the part is ready for service. You do not have to wait the standard 48 hours to allow a full cure as in a typical hand lamination.
  • Better cosmetics. Mold preparation and mold release is still required and will directly affect the cosmetics of the part just like a hand laminate. However, Fibre Carbon prepregs virtually eliminate air bubbles and a smooth, glossy surface is more easily attainable.

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