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REASONS TO CALIBRATE / Why you should calibrate?

Can Reduce Costs and Improve Profits
Properly calibrated equipment means less waste. Less waste means costs are kept down and margins aren’t negatively affected.

Increases Production Yields
Correctly calibrated equipment such as an oven temperature controller could increase production yields.

Keeps You Legal
If you are taking critical measurements for cooking food etc you need to know your equipment is working within tolerances required by law.

Ensures Quality Assurance
Calibration of your equipment gives you assurance of a quality product or service.

Reduces Defects
Can help reduce defects, deficiencies, and significant variations, brought about by using equipment to measurable and verifiable to national standards.

Reduces Downtime
Calibration Reduces downtime because you can use a trusted measurement.

Enables You to Be Proactive instead of Reactive
Calibration programmes often highlight failures or problems with products or process not noticed using un-calibrated equipment.

Ensures Compatibility
Traceable results ensures measurements (and perhaps products) are compatible with those made elsewhere.

Determines Accuracy
Calibration to a traceable standard can be used to determine an instrument’s bias, precision, and accuracy.

Provides Traceability
Calibration provides the highest level of standards for measurement traceability.

Ensures Confidence
By Calibrating your equipment and instruments you can be confident that your measurements are correct.

Improves International Sales Opportunities
By making sure that your measurements are based on international standards, you promote customer acceptance of your products around the world.

Enables Sensitive Measurements
Ensures your instruments are measured against known standards of accuracy which is vital for sensitive measurements.

Verifies Instrument Performance
Verify your product or instrument is measuring correctly through comparison to National standards.

Ensures Accuracy
Using a calibrated product ensures accuracy which is vitality important as part of your quality process.

Improves Customer Confidence
Properly calibrated equipment provides confidence that your products/services meet customer specifications.

Is Straightforward to Implement
By implementing a calibration programme as part of routine service/maintenance it has a low administrative overhead.

Enables You to Compensate or Correct Drift
Critical performance gradually degrades over time. This is called drift. When this happens your test results become unreliable and both design and production quality suffer.

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