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Ballistic Autoclave

Ballistic Armour Insert Autoclave

ASME Standard Ballistic Autoclave

CE Standard Ballistic Autoclave

Autoclave hard ballistic plates/inserts for vehicle protection

Autoclave Ceramic Composite Armour for Ballistic Protection

Autoclave Ballistic Overvests Ballistic Armour Inserts Ballistic Helmets Ballistic Shields

Autoclave for treatment of ballistic inserts

Autoclaves: Complete autoclave systems and ovens with processing controls for thermal treatment of composite materials. All customer specific requirements will be fulfilled.

Temperature homogeneity: Guaranteed temperature homogeneity throughout the entire working area via optimised ventilator with adjustable rotation frequency, optimised airflow and through the special alignment of the heaters. Process optimisation based on an analytic computer simulation of the airflow characteristic and temperature distribution

Components: Air receivers and compressed air systems, cooling tower stations, valves and fittings, heating systems.

Fabrication Standard: American Standard ASME SEC VIII DIV.1 or 2 with ASME Certificate, European Standard PED 97/23/EC with CE certificate, Chinese Standard, GB150-2011

Quality Control System: Application of the most modern production facilities. All necessary tests can be carried out on-site. This guaranties high quality, proven product characteristics at the highest level of safety.

Technical Data: The autoclaves can be manufactured in any requested diameter and length for the simultaneous production of several components in one autoclave. Technical design according to customer specifications.

Software: Experience in-house software-development for process controls, process management systems and data acquisition. With process controls and/or central process management systems.

Autoclave Control CPC

Heating Cooling Control CPC

Temperature, Pressure, Vacuum, setup, CPC